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even though I agree with a lot of people that Power rangers Megaforce is bad, and not just compared to sentai but as its own power rangers season, it doesn’t stand alone well in my opinion as anything anyone put a lot of time or thought into while making. But despite that I don’t agree with the people who keep saying we need more OLD RANGERS. Its become a crutch, the company is using nostalgia and previous rangers to appease us and that’s why the Samurai and Megaforce suck so much. they rely to much on old concepts and plots to create new seasons. For gods sakes make it ORIGINAL! sure there can be crossovers like any other power rangers seasons but I don’t choose to watch new seasons like Megaforce just to see a storyline that was half assed so they can focus on bringing back everything done In the past. I love the old rangers don’t get me wrong, LOVE THEM, but if I want to see them ill go watch previous seasons.    

Megaforce isn’t actually that bad….. I feel I kind of jumped on the Bandwagon with this one when I said it was going to suck as much as Samurai. I guess I never really gave it a good chance, after all the season is just kicking off, you never know maybe Saban will Surprise us! Also I’ve realized something….Samurai and Megaforce are the only two power rangers team that I’ve ever actually right of the bat disliked. But they are also the first Power ranger teams I’ve seen after their sentai counterparts……and that got me thinking….maybe this is what every season of power rangers was like to the people who have watched Super sentai their whole life…..maybe I’m just the only one whose now figuring out that power rangers usually has to grow on people because they have something to compare it too. (where as I didn’t because I have only just learned of Sentai’s beautiful exsistance 2 years ago………….what i’m really trying to say is, let the season pan out…see what it has to offer…

I’m so excited i can’t wait..

I’m counting down the days to the premiere of Megaforce and i can’t stand the anticipation! I’m curious what you guys all hope for out of this season of Power Rangers?? I hope its original and has a well thought out storyline…because if the U.S. is bringing together two incredible and diverse teams such as the Gokiagers and Goseigers…….then they better make it a season, and better yet a premiere to remmeber!!!!


So grab your morphers and get ready for another epic season of Power rangers: Earths Defenders Never Surrender!

Also get ready for the biggest ranger cross-over war you have ever witnessed…finally!!!


Power Rangers Megaforce…premiering on February 2nd 2013! i can’t wait to see how this all falls together…it’s gonna be legendary!!!


Edit: just please Saban…make it better than Samurai.

Favorite part of Forever Red!! (super nostalgic moment)

  • Cole:

    wow so that was Tommy...he really is the greatest ranger!

  • Everyone:


  • T.J:

    I wouldn't go that far after all I was the one who replaced him!

  • Jason:

    are you kidding me I was the one doing all the work while he was at the juice bar kissing on Kimberly!

  • Carter:

    Well at least his haircuts regulation, right!

  • Erik:

    My Q Rex zord would eat his dragon zord for lunch! *dinosaur motions*

  • Leo:

    I discovered 3 galaxies!

  • Wes:

    hey I changed why does he have a fan club and I don't!

  • Andros:

    I saved 2 worlds...what about that

  • T.J:

    wait,wait,wait...did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in a giant pizza

  • Everyone:


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